Deep Purple

Country Joe McDonald

John Lennon / Yoko Ono

George Harrison

Ringo Starr

Queen                       Queen



WickerMan             Cult Film

Thin Lizzy                Shades of a blue orphanage

Queen                       Queen

Judas Priest            British Steel

Judas Priest            Point Of Entry

Judas Priest            Screaming For Vengance

Leo Sayer                 Moonlighting + album #1

Sweet                        Fox On the Run -Top 10 single
Sweet                        Action Sweet
Sweet                        Give us a wink
Sweet                        Off The Record Sweet
Sweet                        Level Headed
Sweet                        Cut above the rest

Ian Gillan                Clear Air Tubulence
Ian Gillan                Child in Time

Nazareth                  Rampant

Roger Glover          Butterfly Ball

Paul & Barry Ryan

Earl Jordan   Jordan

Hermans Hermits

Wizard’s Convention:  Eddie Hardin Jon Lord Roger Glover Dvid Coverdale Glen Hughes

Chas & Dave


Eddie Hardin

The Associates          A Matter Of Gender

Danny Kirwen          Hello Big Boy

Patrick Moraz

Be-Bop Deluxe          Axe Victim




Ronny Dio


Steve Hacket

Stretch                      Lifeblood



Be-Bop Deluxe          Axe Victim

Clannad                      Macalla

Pierce Turner            It’s a long way across

Nick Kershaw

Alvin Lee

Ray Russel

Accept                             Balls To The Wall

Micheal Shenker           Built to Destroy

Nino Beunocore

Telly Savalas

Nicole Williamson

Tony Ashton

Andy Scott

Obus                    Pega Con Fuerza

Hardstuff            Bolex Demntia

Live at the Roxy

Tony Ashton

Henry Schifter   Out of Nowhere

Geogie Fame

Alan Price

Bullfrog                        Ian Paice John Lord & others

Ronnie Dio

Rosseta Hightower

Lyndsey De Paul

Tears for Fears

Vanadium: Spanish Band

Behind a mixing console for many years, I have collected many Gold and Platinum discs for my efforts.
I have recorded hundreds of artists including John Lennon, Queen, Def Leppard, Deep Purple and Judas Priest.  A small selection of what I have done is on the left.